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Trump brags about ending Roe. No one’s talking about it in Milwaukee.

Heading into the final day of the Republican Party’s first national gathering since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, the issue has barely received a passing mention.

Feds tackle dialysis giants with antitrust probe

The Federal Trade Commission investigation of DaVita and Fresenius Medical Care follows years of consolidation in the dialysis industry.

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Feds poised to sue pharmacy gatekeepers over high drug costs

The FTC action would target often high costs by trying to curb rebates it says drug makers pay to steer patients to their brand name products.

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‘Republicans need to match’: Anti-abortion groups roll out new messaging

Abortion opponents know they need to win hearts and minds. They’re using women’s stories to do so.

Biden administration plans major cuts to AIDS relief programs in Africa

The 21-year-old President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief is credited with saving 25 million lives, but its budget is strained.

Trump campaign blocks pair of anti-abortion activists from RNC platform committee

The shakeup, which has not been previously reported, comes as anti-abortion groups petition Trump, his campaign advisers and members of the RNC not to make significant changes to the party’s platform on abortion.

‘A battle to the death’: The next abortion cases en route to the Supreme Court

The cases moving through federal courts could further roll back abortion access, even if Biden wins in November.

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Supreme Court 'inadvertently' exposes opinion that would restore emergency abortion access in Idaho

The decision posted online shows that the justices voted to dismiss the dispute from their docket.

Opioid deaths rose 50 percent during the pandemic. In these places, they fell.

A federal plan to promote treatment and distribute overdose reversal drugs showed promise. Communities are trying to keep it going.

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Gun violence is fueling national trauma, surgeon general warns

Vivek Murthy hopes the growing number of victims, both direct and indirect, will persuade Congress to do more.