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Aurorium launches Haelium Pharmaceutical Solutions

Aurorium, a specialty ingredients manufacturer and materials innovation partner, has announced the launch of Haelium Pharmaceutical Solutions. 

“The launch of the Haelium brand will more clearly represent our position in the pharmaceutical space – a global leader dedicated to enhancing drug efficacy through high-purity solutions and drug delivery products,” said Jenny Titova, strategic marketing manager – pharmaceuticals.

The Haelium brand family encompasses solutions such as high-purity buffers, reagents, solvents, extended-release coatings, and immunostimulants for therapeutic areas including peptide and oligonucleotide production, large molecule biologics, vaccines, and oral solid dosage form. Haelium’s footprint is built on four Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) manufacturing sites in North America, with purification capabilities, and strong regulatory expertise.

“As we continue to innovate in response to emerging trends in healthcare, investing in the pharmaceutical space emphasises our commitment to improving patient outcomes. With these strategic investments, we aim to support groundbreaking research and development that will shape the future of medicine and advance global health,” Dr. Steve Tattum, vice president, specialty solutions. “From the inception of novel ideas to product launches, our priority is to fuel our customer’s success by partnering to solve their challenges.”

Haelium continues Aurorium’s journey as a specialty ingredient manufacturer in the pharmaceutical sector.  By infusing innovation and manufacturing excellence into practical commercial solutions, Aurorium seamlessly contributes to the healing journey of patients worldwide. 


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