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Bormioli and Desall Digitise Package Leaflets Using Augmented Reality

Bormioli Pharma has announced that it has chosen the winner of the open innovation competition launched on the Desall.com platform for the creation of innovative pharmaceutical packaging prototypes.

AR Rotating Menu by the German design team Nothelfer was the winning concept. Based on augmented reality, in the future it could offer valuable support for the digitisation of package leaflets accompanying drugs on the market.

The solution allows you to add information about the product to be dispensed, for example the contents of the patient information leaflet, active excipients present and recommendations for use, by framing a QR-code on the dispenser using a smartphone. The intuitive and easy-to-use menu appears on the screen of the device and interacts directly with the image of the container.

The realisation of this prototype makes it possible to take a further step towards digitising information on pharmaceutical products, improving accessibility and moving closer towards environmental sustainability.

“We are proud to present our first augmented reality solution, which has the potential to expand the spectrum of patients who can access drug information, reduce the use of paper and ink, and simplify packaging operations in the pharmaceutical industry,” commented Federico Piutti, Innovation Manager at Bormioli Pharma. “It is a solution that fully integrates with our offer and is in line with our mission: to make health a positive practice, accessible to everyone, kind to the planet”.

The proposal is part of a wider context of digitisation of the pharmaceutical sector, with the European Medicines Agency working in recent years to enable the use of electronic product information (ePI) for all medicines within the EU.

The project presented by the two designers based in Germany was a winner thanks to its extreme practicality and feasibility, essential characteristics for Bormioli Pharma, which has always worked to create solutions that meet the real needs of patients and the pharmaceutical industry, integrating new solutions with concepts already developed to improve the efficiency of its offer.


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