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Cytiva Improves Filtration Processes in High-Concertation Biologic Drugs

Cytiva has launched its Supor Prime sterilising grade filters to filtrate high-concentration biologic drugs. The latest addition to the life sciences leader’s portfolio aims to help drug developers achieve higher yields, reduce blockages, and minimise cost losses.

Ed Hoare, Vice President and General Manager, Filtration at Cytiva, commented: “Our customers have been seeking a solution that accelerates the development while reducing the risks associated with high-concentration biologics. Supor Prime addresses these challenges and helps them deliver life-changing therapeutics to the patients who need them.”

The Supor Prime filters reduce the amount of:

  • Plastic required.
  • Stainless steel installation cleaning.
  • Fluid needed.
  • CO2, with a reduced upstream impact due to the higher product recovery.

With the demand for subcutaneous drugs increasing, and therefore high-concentration biologics, the need for intravenous injections at hospitals and clinics is on the decline. However, filtering this drug product is difficult due to its complex formulation and consistency. Additionally, the high particle load makes the occurrence of premature filter blockages more likely. Due to these issues, drug developers often compensate with oversized or additional filters, but this can lead to an increased hold-up volume with product losses as the final result.

Whereas the Supor Prime filters aim to deliver higher throughput capacity, with high-concentration biologic feeding up to 220 grams per litre of concentration and 30 centipoise viscosity. This allows for greater drug product recovery in the final manufacturing steps, with scale-up from clinical development to commercial manufacturing also possible.


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