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Falguni and Shane Peacock show us around their flagship store in Kolkata, which is designed by Gauri Khan 

Gauri Khan (centre) with Shane and Falguni Peacock

Falguni Shane Peacock’s just launched flagship store in Kolkata is like a decadent box of confectionary. The facade feels like an intricately designed white fondant cake. Inside, a very edible looking replica of the Taj Mahal, fashioned out of tulle, feathers, handmade flowers and sponge, assembled atop a white ballgown with a bow, makes a statement. The 4,500 square feet store is spread across two floors and punctuated with mirrors, glass, chandeliers and a faux fireplace. Designed by Gauri Khan, the space is opulent, vintage and classy. This is FSP’s seventh couture store in the country, and the third designed by Gauri.

The Taj Mahal installation that’s fashioned out of tulle, feathers, handmade flowers and sponge

The Taj Mahal installation that’s fashioned out of tulle, feathers, handmade flowers and sponge

It took nine months to set up this space. “This is opulent couture. When you enter, you should get transferred into the couture world. We wanted to create that vibe,” says Shane, adding that he is fussy about location. Hence, they looked at 50-60 bungalows and villas in Kolkata before finalising this one on Lee Road. “This was a regular establishment,” says Shane as he fishes out before and after pictures of the property that underwent a remarkable overhaul.

All around, the couple’s exquisite creations — with their trademark sequins, feathers, and beads — shimmer and shine under the warm golden lights. The interiors keep pace with what is on display but don’t take away from the clothes. “That’s Gowri’s sensibility, very glam and yet subtle,” says Falguni.

This new abode of high fashion features their current collection, as well as Love Always, inspired by the grandeur of the Taj Mahal and showcased at Couture Week 2022. They usually showcase 70-80 garments at Couture Week, and then develop pieces from there for the stores. The collection is similar across all stores. Nothing is region specific. “We’ve added more kurtas here for men, as this is the wedding season,” she says.

Twenty and counting

The label turns 20 next year. The duo is working on a big collection to commemorate the landmark year. They are also creating a line for the New York Fashion Week in February. After a short hiatus, they returned to NYFW last season, with Law Roach as their creative director. Internationally, they sell out of 40-45 stores. With an office in New York, expansion is afoot there as well as in India. 

Power couple

Power couple

If the earlier years were about who to dress next, (they have dressed the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, done clothes for 29 international music videos, concerts, Emmys, Met Gala, red carpet looks) 2024 is about which store they open next. “The coming year is all about store expansion. We want to expand and see how to give our customers the best experience,” says Shane. 

Feather touch

Veering a bit off their usual course, FSP will soon open their first ready-to-wear store in Delhi’s Dhan Mill. The space will have a futuristic vibe and showcase jackets, pants, sweatshirts but with a designer feel and yes their trademark feathers. “Very early on when we were designing, when we did our first show, India Fashion Week in 2004, we launched with animal prints and little fringes of feather. Harrods bought only us that season. They loved it. So we stuck to it. We had a counter in Harrods in 2006. And every time they were selling out and asking us for more. And then others like Villa Moda came into the picture and even they wanted a touch of feathers,”adds Shane. 

While certain elements are omnipresent, over the last two decades FSP has aimed to be on trend, relevant and appeal to a younger audience. Says Shane, “We have to evolve. Our aesthetic, our brand DNA and vision is in the collection. Everyone who wears our clothes should feel like a million bucks.”


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