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Gift Ideas For Your Pets

We know that our dogs appreciate us, and we should think of giving back to them. So, here are some gift ideas for your pets.

Dog Sweaters

Fall is right around the corner and with that sweater season is here. If you notice that your dog is shaking in the fall and winter months a dog sweater is the purfect companion. Since small dogs lack an undercoat, they will need something to keep them warm. If you also have a large dog that is older keeping his joints warm with a sweater can make it easier for them to walk around.

Dog Jackets

Like dog sweaters these dog coats can keep your fuzzy pals warm all winter long. However, our dog jackets for the most part are waterproof and weather resistant. If you own a dog who hates walking in rain a dog jacket would be an amazing gift. Dog coats have a larger selection of designs from fashion forward designs to high performance dog jackets. If you are looking for a multipurpose gift for you and your dog a consider a dog jacket.

Dog and Cat Beds

A bed is where you spend a third of your life in and it should be comfortable. Dogs and cats are the same they deserve a new bed for the new season. If you are looking for cat beds most of our comes with a teaser toy built in as an added bonus. If you looking for the perfect dog bed we break down our best choices for dog beds by category 2019.

Dog Toy Gift Set

Dog toys is the tried and true method to a dog’s heart besides food. With a gift set of toys you can rotate which ones your dog uses making them last longer. On average our dog toys cost between $9 – $13 Some of our premium dog toys can reach upwards of $50. With a gift set that is on sale and comes with 8 toys for $25 you gain almost three times the value in one package making it the perfect gift.

Cat Playhouse

Cat love exploring and because of that nature they climb on everything in sight. Traditional cat playhouses aren’t portable, they’re tough to maneuver, and not easily cleaned. Our collection of cat playhouses are the opposite of that they can collapsed if company comes by, and since it is made of plastic it’s easy to clean. With all the entrances into the playhouse your cat will be having fun for weeks on end.


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