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‘I told her…’ Asim Riaz reacts to Himanshi Khurana’s break-up post

Image Source : SOCIAL Asim Riaz reacts to Himanshi Khurana’s break-up post

Bigg Boss 13 runner-up and rapper Asim Riaz has finally broken the silence on his breakup with Himanshi Khurana. The 30-year-old took to his Twitter account to break silence on the trolling that came towards Himanshi after she announced their breakup. “Yes Indeed we both agreed to sacrifice our love for our respective religious beliefs. We both are 30+ and we have full right to  take these mature decisions and we made it.,” wrote Asim in his latest tweet.  

Asim further added that they have decided to part ways amicably, embracing their individual journeys. “Respect for Himanshi and our diverse path and yes indeed I told her to write the real reason for our separation. Request you to all to respect our privacy,” added Riaz. 

Read Asim’s post here:

In a post on December 6, Khurana said that she and Asim had separated due to their different religious beliefs. Today, the singer once again took to her social media account to share the screenshot of her and Asim’s chat on X account, and after all this, she deactivated her account. Himanshi Khurana had shared the screenshot of the chat between her and Asim Riaz on her X account in which both of them were talking about telling the reason for their breakup to the world. 

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‘This is my last and final statement to clear that I am a secular person, hence I am not insulting any religion. I have just chosen my religion. I don’t want any of you to blame him for the breakup and I also want that none of you should speak against me. In my previous relationship, I was silent because I took all the blame on myself. I also tried the same but I regret that people took it differently,’ Himanshi Khurana wrote in her last tweet.

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