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‘I tried every supermarket’s own brand of Baileys – one was clearly the best’

I was never that keen on Baileys, but when you’ve spent more than two decades with someone obsessing over the stuff it kind of rubs off.

It took a while mind. It’s only the last couple of years that I’ve taken to it as a festive tipple. That’s if there’s any left with the way he guzzles it down like milkshake or splashes it into a coffee.

We do usually buy the main Irish liqueur brand – or that’s what people tend to get him for his conveniently timed December birthday – and at this time of year there are usually some great offers on. Just this week Sainsbury’s announced it’s selling a litre bottle for a tenner with its Nectar card until December 6 and at Tesco it’s also £10 until December 11 with Clubcard.

But, when it’s not on promotion, it can be a dear do, so we thought it would be worth checking out supermarket own versions of the drink to see how they fare.

Size wise, you’re getting a smaller 700ml bottle from Sainsbury’s, Aldi and M&S. Whereas Lidl and Morrisons have the full one-litre bottles, reports the MEN.

They’re all the same 17 percent volume as Baileys too, except for Aldi’s Ballycastle, which is 12 percent. It doesn’t do it any harm though and it’s got a really nice flavour to it. It doesn’t actually say what booze is in it, other than ‘a blend of double cream and alcohol with chocolate and vanilla flavouring’, but we certainly wouldn’t turn it down for £4.99 a bottle.

If you much prefer a stronger taste of alcohol then I’d go for Lidl’s – a thinner and darker cream, but you could really taste the ‘fine spirits and fine Irish whiskey’ it says is blended with the Irish dairy cream.

We both felt the M&S one, which was also slightly darker, left a bit of a cheap aftertaste, whereas the Sainsbury’s one was much more palatable.

But there was one that really did compete with the big brand and that was Morrisons The Best. You can taste the alcohol, but it’s not overpowering. It’s rich, it’s creamy and it’s full of flavour.

At £13 a bottle it’s not that cheap, but you can get two bottles for £22 so that makes it slightly better if you’re buying a couple for presents, or wanting to stock up yourself. When the real deal Baileys can cost upwards of £20 a bottle without the promotions, I know which one I’d be buying.

  • Morrisons The Best Irish Cream Liqueur (1 litre) £13
  • M&S Irish Cream Liqueur (700ml) £10
  • Lidl Deluxe Irish Cream (1 litre) £9.99
  • Sainsbury’s Irish Cream Liqueur (700ml) £12.50, or £9 with Nectar card
  • Aldi Ballycastle Irish Country Cream Liqueur (700ml) £4.99


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