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John Romero’s SIGIL II Now Available as a Free Add-On in ‘DOOM’ and ‘DOOM II’ To Celebrate DOOM’s 30th Anniversary – TouchArcade

If you missed the excellent 30th anniversary stream for id Software’s DOOM ($4.99) featuring the legendary John Romero and John Carmack and former TouchArcade author and now documentary maker, author of many books, and more David L Craddock yesterday, it is absolutely worth watching. John Romero released SIGIL II, a free nine level episode for both DOOM and DOOM II on mobile and all platforms where the current build of the game is available: Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC including PS5 and Xbox Series X through backwards compatibility. You need to be signed in to Bethesda.net to get this add-on, and the download size is small as usual.

Bethesda also interviewed John Romero here about SIGIL II’s story, where it fits into the universe, and much more. It is worth reading. If you’ve not gotten the game yet on mobile, the iOS version also supports 120fps gameplay and is great to play even now. I played a bit of SIGIL II and it is amazing as expected. SIGIL II follows The Troopers’ Playground for both DOOM and DOOM II. Read about it here. Did you play DOOM back in the 90s or more recently and what’s your favorite memory of this legendary game?


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