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New ‘Pizza Hero’ Update Adds Endless Mode, Haptic Feedback, Menu Improvements, and More – TouchArcade

Vampire Survivors-like Pizza Hero has been one of the more interesting takes on the genre on mobile. Since launch, it has also been updated a few times bringing in new content and features based on player feedback, and it has gotten a major update today bringing in endless mode, haptic feedback on iOS, some menu improvements, and more. If you’ve not gotten Pizza Hero yet, read Shaun’s review of it here. We also featured it as our Game of the Week when it launched. Barring the new mode and haptic feedback, the update fixes enemy collisions, changes leaderboards to keep track of local points instead of global, adds a description for pet icons, and has a best score added to world select per level. Watch the Pizza Hero trailer below:

If you’ve not gotten it, you can grab Pizza Hero for free on the App Store for iOS here. Head over to our dedicated and active forum thread for Pizza Hero here with the developer posting about changes and responding to impressions. I’m interested to see how Pizza Hero evolves over time as it gets closer to hitting 1.0. Today’s update is the first major one following the Halloween update that brought in new pets, the Cemetery world, and daily challenges. Have you played Pizza Hero on iOS yet and what do you think of the recent updates?


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