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New Surprise ‘Tiny Wings’ Update Brings In Over 100 Multicolored Birds To Unlock, 15 New Missions, and More – TouchArcade

Back in 2021, the legendary Tiny Wings ($1.99) got its 10th anniversary update bringing in the new Manta Island to Flight School with 5 new levels, modern iPad support, and more. 2021 was also when Andreas Illiger’s classic released on Apple Arcade as Tiny Wings+. Today, it has gotten a surprise update with over a hundred multicolored birds to unlock, 15 new missions, new AI for the Flight School portion, and more. The update also adds an optional in app purchase to the standalone game. Watch the original gameplay trailer for it from many years ago below:

If you’ve still not played this somehow and own an iOS device, read our original 2011 review of it, the massive version 2.0 update from 2012, the Tuna Islands update from 2014, and the arrival of the Apple TV version from 2016. There are loads of amazing iOS games from a decade ago and now, but Tiny Wings remains timeless. It is great to see it still get support all these years later. It is worth trying if you haven’t already. Check it out on the App Store for iOS here and on Apple Arcade as Tiny Wings+ here.


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