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Quality Street’s new collaboration with Nescafe has fans vowing to ‘spend wages’ on it

Quality Street lovers are in for a treat as the well-loved chocolate selection has launched a new product featuring one of the most popular flavours.

After this exciting partnership with Nescafe was shared on Facebook this week, Quality Street fans have promised to get their hands on the new product as soon as possible.

New Nescafé Quality Street Green Triangle Mocha sachets are now available at Morrisons supermarkets.

The product was shared on the popular Facebook group New Foods UK, which posted a photo of the new chocolate coffee sachets.

The post certainly generated excitement, with people expressing their eagerness to try them in the post’s comments.

“Here’s another one for the shopping list,” commented one person,” while another simply added: “I want!”

A third user exclaimed: “Omg, one of my favourites in the Quality’s,” while a fourth admitted: “I’m about to spend my wage on this.”

Others also mentioned they’d like to see more Quality Street versions, with many expressing interest in an infused hot chocolate too.

The coffee flavour is part of a new limited edition range introduced by Nescafe that has made sweet treat enthusiasts very happy.

Along with the Quality Street Green Triangle, other flavours available include Aero Peppermint Mocha and Aero Golden Honeycomb Mocha.

Nescafe states on its website: “Discover new limited edition frothy coffees inspired by bubbly Aero, and the smooth hazelnut Quality Street you love.”

The popular coffee brand added: “A delicious treat for your next coffee break!

“Enjoy Nescafe Peppermint Aero and Quality Street Green Triangle Mochas which will join the much-loved NESCAFE Golden Honeycomb Aero Mocha as part of the expansion of our partnership with two iconic chocolate brands!”


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