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Rhenus Air & Ocean Certified for Pharmaceutical Logistics in Italy

The Rhenus Group announces the successful certification of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for its Air & Ocean Division in Italy. This notable achievement underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to upholding elevated operational standards and adherence to regulatory frameworks within the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector.

Commencing in June 2023, the path to GDP certification involved a carefully crafted plan to strengthen internal protocols. A crucial internal audit conducted in September of the same year culminated in the official certification attained in November.

Integral to this process was the creation of a dedicated quality system aligning with stringent European GDP regulations. This system seamlessly integrates with the pre-existing framework based on ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring a holistic approach to quality management.

Ensuring procedural competence in the transportation and handling of pharmaceutical products was crucial for attaining GDP certification. During this phase, Rhenus personnel underwent rigorous training, equipping them with the requisite knowledge and tools to guarantee product safety at every stage of the logistical process.

This certification is applicable to the air services provided by all Rhenus Air & Ocean branches in Italy. Encompassing the transportation by air and road, warehousing, and customs clearance of healthcare and pharmaceutical products, both nationally and internationally, the certification adds substantial value to the comprehensive solutions offered by Rhenus Air & Ocean in the country.

Andrea Battaglia, Head of Life Sciences & Healthcare at Rhenus Air & Ocean Italy, remarked, “The achievement of the GDP certification enables us to broaden our logistics portfolio to cater specifically to the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry. This positions us as a steadfast and expert partner, characterised by a highly specialized and certified team.”

The GDP certification distinguishes Rhenus in the market, solidifying its role as a premier logistics entity and a trusted resource for enterprises operating in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Stephan Duelk, Global Head of Life Sciences & Healthcare at Rhenus Air & Ocean, noted, “Our commitment to delivering top-tier logistics solutions and maintaining unparalleled standards in the international logistics sphere will culminate in the extension of the GDP certification to maritime transport in Italy during the first quarter of 2024, with the prospect of incorporating rail transport in the near future.”


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