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‘World of Goo 2’ Announced for 2024, No Platforms Revealed – TouchArcade

After releasing a remaster of the classic first game on Netflix, Tomorrow Corporation just announced World of Goo 2 at The Game Awards 2023. There isn’t much to go with aside from the trailer since platforms haven’t been announced, but World of Goo 2 looks exactly like a new World of Goo game, and that’s all we need anyway. World of Goo is one of the best iPad games you can play even today, and I can’t wait to play World of Goo 2. I’ll try it on anything, but I hope it comes to iPad at some point. I think Steam is likely the only safe bet for launch with maybe a console. We shall see. It might even be a Netflix launch if Netflix is serious about the IP. Either way, watch the World of Goo 2 trailer below:

Check out the official World of Goo 2 website here for more info including an FAQ with some vague answers about platforms. They also mention how this is the biggest game the team has made featuring the same folks who made the first one with a squad of talented friends. If you’d like to grab the first game’s remaster on iOS and Android and have an active Netflix subscription, get World of Goo Remastered on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out our new forum thread for it here. Have you played World of Goo before and are you looking forward to World of Goo 2?


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