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Worlds Beyond’ Is a New Free To Play Digital Card Game From Cygames for iOS, Android, and PC Coming Summer 2024 – TouchArcade

At its Shadowverse Next 2024 event, Cygames announced Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond for iOS, Android, and PC. This new game will have many new features including a lobby system that allows you to play Mahjong, go fishing, and more. If you ever wanted to play Mahjong in Shadowverse, Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond will let you do just that. Cygames calls this a new Shadowverse game, and it will be releasing with support for multiple languages from Asia, Europe, and North America. Basic features will remain the same but there will be new features like Super Evolution, Engage, and also characters. The new characters are Dreizehn and Lovesign. Watch the full Shadowverse Next 2024 showcase below:

As of this writing, Cygames says the distribution platform for the PC version hasn’t been decided. It will launch on iOS, Android, and PC in Summer 2024. Check out the new English website for Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond here. Until this new game launches, Shadowverse is available on iOS, Android, and PC. If you are on Switch, the Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle game is really good and worth trying. Cygames also announced a new Shadoverse World Tournament with a 10 million Yen prize for the winner. This tournament is set for early 2025. The current Shadowverse game will continue to run alongside this new one according to the official post. What do you think of Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond so far?


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