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Enter the Winterverse with a Very ‘Marvel Snap’ Holiday Event – TouchArcade

It’s been a year of ups and downs for Marvel Snap (Free), with buffs for good children and nerfs for naughty ones, lots of new cards, and a constant stream of fun events. The computer version of the game properly launched, plenty of cool new features were added, and we even got a new mode or two. With the end of the year only a stone’s throw away, the game has officially kicked off the return of its celebratory event called Winterverse. There are plenty of goodies up for grabs, so let’s have a look at all the presents under the proverbial tree.

First of all, there are fourteen days of nice login rewards. If you’re finding out from this story, you’ve probably missed the first one. It was just 250 Credits, so don’t worry too much. Hop on there today and you’ll get 65 random Boosters, which is cool. Keep on checking in and you’ll get more Credits, some Gold, more Boosters, a few Variants, a new Title, and a new Avatar. Check the picture below for the schedule, complete with what rewards you can expect on which days. Free stuff! What a concept!

Next up, the Winterverse Shop Takeover. On Christmas Day and the day we in Canada call Boxing Day (December 26th), the in-game shop will be stuffed full of Winterverse variants. Abomination, Debrii, Devil Dinosaur, Ebony Maw, Patriot, Rock Slide, and Rogue will be properly dressed for the weather and waiting for you to add them to your collection. I already have Devil Dinosaur from last year and I can certify that he is absolutely adorable.

Lastly, there are some new Twitch Drops. Choose your favorite Marvel Snap streamer (you have one, surely?), and watch them for two, four, and six hours to unlock successive rewards. You’ll have to link your Marvel Snap and Twitch accounts to make it work, but it’s all relatively easy and painless. You’ll get random Boosters, Credits, and a random Variant for it. I suggest just putting it on in the background and minimizing it. You’ll have your goodies sharp-ish. I mean, unless you enjoy watching others play Snap. In which case this will be an easy one for you to clear.

That’s about it for the Winterverse event for Marvel Snap. There are probably a few other things, but they’ll likely cost big bucks. Such is how it goes. Something has to keep the multi-colored twinkling lights on. Still, that’s plenty of free stuff to enjoy as you pass the holidays trying to hide from arguments with your relatives. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Yeah. Yeah. As the man says, Happy Snapping!


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