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Top 3 Cat Products This Summer

When it comes down to choosing our top 3 cat products this summer you need to look at all categories. Cad beds, cat toys, cat scratchers just to name a few categories that determine which are our best cat products for the summer.

Cat Maze

We are listing the kitty-square collapsible cat house as our top pick for the summer. Regardless if you are traveling the interactive cat playhouse is the perfect cat maze. Compared to conventional cat houses our is less bulky and lightweight with easy storage for when guests come. With the nylon fabric its easily washable and if your cat wants to be outdoors it won’t be an issue because of the durable material. During summer days everyone wants to get outside and so should your cat which is why we chose our kitty-square cat house as our top pick.

Cat Chaser Toy

The Petkit Swipe is an interactive cat toy purfect for the summer. Being active is the best part of the summer and with our chaser toy your cat will have hours of fun daily. Inside of the track are two balls one filled with catnip and the other with bells which keeps your cat interested. We also decided to combine a cat scratcher with our toy giving it more functionality which also doubles as a large lounging surface for those cat naps.

Folding Cat Bed

If you trying to save space this summer the kitty kallapse ottoman is what you are looking for. It can handle up to 300 lbs. and has a comfortable pleather cushion that you can sit on for hours. With its variety of colors, you can match and complement the decor of any home. This cat house is meant for smaller dog and cat breeds.


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